Go It Alone

Written by Bruce Judson who is also the author of ‘It Could Happen Here: America on the Brink’.

As you might assume from the book title the main concept outlined is ‘Extreme Outsourcing’.

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10 Impacts the 4th Industrial Revolution will have on the World

This article summarises the main points discussed in Klaus Schwab’s book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’.  It primarily focuses on the opportunities and challenges the 4th Industrial Revolution will provide for humanity.

1. Employment and Labour Substitution

In recent years computers have been used in place of people for a number of jobs such as bookkeepers, cashiers and telephone operators. This revolution will bring about upheaval in many more professions.

Sooner than most would imagine, professions such as solicitors, financial analysts, doctors, journalists, accountants, insurance underwriters and librarians may be partly or completely automated.

Employment is set to grow in high income cognitive and creative as well as low income manual occupations. However, the revolution will greatly reduce employment for middle income routine and repetitive jobs.

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5 Methods for Faster Reading

The reading methods outlined in this article are the techniques I found to be the most beneficial from Abby Marks-Beale’s book ‘10 Days to Faster Reading’.

The techniques will benefit everyone from students revising for exams to office related workers who must read through a multitude of different communications daily. Some of the later techniques however, will not applicable to reading novels or fiction related material.

This short course will take approximately 5 minutes per day for 5 days.

(25 mins is a pretty small investment for drastically improving your words per minute average)

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15 Lessons in Leadership from the All Blacks

In 2010 James Kerr spent some time with the New Zealand rugby team to get an insight into what it is that has made them the worlds most successful sporting team.

What James found was  a framework for creating effective leaders which could be transferred to other fields. James wrote the book entitled ‘Legacy’ detailing his findings from his time with this inspirational group of people.

The following is a summary of his findings:

(I) Sweep the Sheds

In 2010 New Zealand comprehensively beat Wales, 42 – 7. The team analysed their performance in the dressing rooms prior to leaving and note some areas that require improvement before their next game.

Following the brief meeting two senior players, one of which was at the time 2 times world player of the year began to sweep up the mud, used bandages and rubbish. While their supporters are off celebrating another All Black victory the players are tidying up after themselves.

Successful leaders have an ability to balance pride with humility. They take pride in their performance totally, with no exception made for the less glamorous jobs that must be done along the way in order to upkeep the culture they have created.


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How to be a Productivity Ninja by Graham Alcott

There were three concepts in this book that I liked and have found useful since applying to my own work. These practices instill good habits for efficiently managing your email inbox, managing your projects and open actions lists as well as effective meeting organisation and management.

This article will summarise the aforementioned as well as offer a brief explanation on attention levels and what to expect from reading the remainder of the book.

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Site Origin

I have began to read a lot of business, startup and development books lately. The more I read the less I remember about certain books when recommending or summarizing to friends. I decided to keep a notebook summarizing the parts of each book that I found helpful.

It’s been a great move as finding a piece of information that I liked from a book is much easier and faster for me to retrieve.

I wanted to learn how to setup and edit websites so I thought sharing the summarized information from these books would be something I could use as material for the website.

In theory it should be even easier and faster for me to retrieve a particular piece of information from a book I liked when shared on this site than from the notebook I’ve been using to date.

The site may be of interest to anyone who hasn’t the time for a lot of reading and/or just dislikes reading but has an interest in business, startup and development related information.